Nobody likes rainwater pounding into the garden or water backed up in the window well which makes its way into the basement! CCX Roofing will help put a stop to these problems!

The two styles of gutter we install are listed below:

1. K profile 

2. Half round profile

The K profile is much much more common by far. This is the normal style gutter you often see on the neighbor’s house, or your house. If your house has a gutter on it, it is probably a k profile gutter. There are many different types of gutters. The diagram below shows some of the other styles.

Gutters are installed against the fascia on the home or business. It is best if the flange (back part) is behind the drip edge on the roof allowing water no way to go behind the gutter. Straight runs of gutter are seamless for us at any length you want or need, we can make a piece 100+’ long or a piece a few inches long. Gutters are not common on the gable or rake portion of the roof. They are much more common on the eave.

Gutters are installed for a number of reasons, if you want to protect a garden from pounding water coming off a roof, or if you want the water on the roof to not flow to a certain area, like a window well or a cracked foundation.

Gutter Maintenance:

In Idaho, we have snow. This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone living here. Snow and ice are the largest issue when dealing with gutters. The build up of snow and ice can stop the flow of water and cause ice to build up, which in turn causes water to flow over the top, behind, or up the roof. This is called an ice dam, and one of the reasons an ice dam forms is from the ice build up in a gutter. This is just one way ice can build up on the roof.

We would advise our clients to install heat tape in their gutters or have us come and do so in order to melt the snow and ice that will accumulate in your gutters. Snow and ice can be very heavy and pull your gutters down, it can also cause joints in the gutters to crack or break. The second thing to consider when maintaining gutters are nearby trees: Leaves love to get caught in gutters, as well as roofing granules and even just dirt in general. We advise scooping and spraying this debris out each year to lessen the weight in the gutter and to allow the gutters to flow properly and perform their normal function. If gutters aren’t cleaned out and ice builds up in them, it causes compounding problems for downspouts and gutters. To mitigate these issues, we install heat tape and clean gutters. If you need assistance in this area, please call us. We also install leaf guards of all types to help lessen the clean up and maintenance. Please note that leaf guards aren’t fool proof as ice still builds in these gutters and can cause the guard to pop off, and leaves and dirt can still sometimes get through and weigh down the gutter.

We don’t install gutters from a supply store. Our gutters are manufactured on site through a seamless gutter machine to the specified length. The seamless aspect of them greatly lessens the possibility of leaking. The only seams found on our gutters are on the corners and ends.

Downspouts generally come in two common types: Your standard downspout and chains, and other more extravagant options, like this spiral downspout and elaborate chain downspouts.

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