Rexburg Marketing Internship

Join us at Handy Optimal for a paid internship in Marketing. With over 10 years of experience, we can provide an environment for you to learn and grow while developing professional skills. We are one of very few internships in Rexburg who pay our interns, and have a guaranteed job offer waiting for you at the completion of the internship. As a start up, we have the time and ability to work closely with all of our interns, and provide top quality industry experience and knowledge. Apply today to start your internship with Handy Optimal. 

Handy Optimal Outcomes


  • Create Meta and Google Paid Ads
  • Design and create websites with WordPress 
  • Optimize images for web using Photoshop
  • SEO


  • High School Diploma
  • Ability to work independently and with a team
  • organization
  • Must be pursuing a degree in marketing, web design and development, computer science, or other related fields. 

Come Work With Us!

Whether you are looking for an internship in Marketing, Web Design and Development, or Computer Science, or you just need a job that isn’t fast food, apply today to become a part of our team at Handy Optimal!

Employee Reviews

Digital Marketing Specialist

Joining the Handy Optimal team has been such a good time! Being part of a vibrant and supportive work environment has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, especially in digital marketing. The atmosphere and valuable learning opportunities have truly shaped my skills and knowledge in ways I never imagined.

– Bri Christiansen

Digital Marketing Intern

Working at Handy Optimal has been such an amazing learning experience. When I first started here as an intern I did not have a lot of experience but now I feel much more confident in my skills and abilities. The team is great and has helped me grow in many ways it is a great atmosphere to work in!
– Kenzie Salisbury