First Impressions as a Business

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July 11, 2024

Imagine you are a consumer wanting a certain service. There are two options in your local area and one has a well organized website with great reviews on Google and the other hasn’t been updated in a few years and has old outdated information. We can probably assume that you would pick the first business. The one that seems more put together. As a business owner you want to make sure that your business is the first one. The business that is professional and organized. Fist impressions are so important as a business owner because it can be the difference between if someone stays on your site to learn more or quickly moves to the next competitor.


Website First Impression


Often times your website is one of the first things that a potential customer sees. When someone comes looking for a service they want information. If a website does not have updated and correct information it puts a bad face on your business. As a business you want your website to be as clear and informational as possible. Sometimes keeping up to date with that is hard. There are so many things that come with running a business that web development gets brushed aside. Here at Handy Optimal we have professionals that know the best practices and have the skill to be able to make your website something that people will remember and love. 


Google Business Profile First Impression

Your Google Business Profile is another lasting impression that your customers will have of your business. When people look up a service and find that it has little reviews or worse, bad reviews, they are less likely to choose your business. Having updated reviews and photos lets potential customers see that you provide good services and that you can prove that. Here at Handy Optimal we have steps to getting your Google Business Profile the great first impression that it needs!


Trust and Credibility 


A great first impression helps build that trust and credibility. This is so essential in building a lasting and successful business. Contact us today so that we can help you start to make your business thrive!

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